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The shocking truth of the theft by FNB and Adobe on a South African woman. 
We call for 100% Ban on all Adobe products in South-Africa. How many pensioners have Adobe mistakenly 'stolen' money from? Let it be known, I refer to this as theft as I believe mistakes on this level do sometimes happen but after informing both FNB, 'First National Bank' and Adobe not once, but at least 5 times and even reported it to the legal departments and debit departments with all the details nothing was ever done. Fancy Tweets from #Adobe apologised this was a promotional Tweet the truth be told they did nothing, no refunds no cancellation of the debit as these two powerhouses blamed each other like little children while the poor woman lost everything including her #FNB account and all her money! #Adobe and #FNB shame of you! The worst of it must have been her other debits returned unpaid causing the loss of all her products and services that may have been provided from the same institution. Debit after debit theft after theft I think it is reasonable to classify this as theft after both institutions took no action to stop the debits never mind the refunding of same.

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100% Ban on all Adobe products

About the Durban-Poison Organization

About the Durban-Poison Organization.

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While focusing on export during and up until phase 3-4 (Coming soon) 

  1. The Daggax Co-op. is hereby referred to as we. We shall provide and make Coop. prices available to all local sellers/members. 
  2. While we are interested in macro retail our interest is limited when we view the shocking conditions of so many rural and semi-rural growers. May we stress the only color that interests-us is green. Having said that sellers, growers the #daggaX industry in the general term and long term is Cannabis Economic Empowerment for the poorest South Africans harmed in any way by the racist Political-movement known still as Apartheid. Thus we must come to understand our actions have consequences and that the sons are morally if not mandated to maximize their knowledge in an effort to build our country that is primarily the people of Southern Africa can benefit from controlled (high) relative to our state of the currency working with our national advantage not for the self alone but for "us' the people of South Africa.
  3. While we must strive for less government involvement this is conditional to monies generated across the cannabis-economic-empowerment thus we say in other words cannabis cultivation is given subject to the entire landscape rural growers with monitored over the sea employees only when necessary to teach us the latest in the DaggaX Technology marketing and the legal firs hired to ensure our world famous daggax brands cease and desist from being claimed, grown, cultivate it matters no if one plant or 1 million zero tolerance thus our country will have in its sight the green gold we have been discussing not as agricultural tobacco but as a "Champagne" "Port," "Sherry," Hennessy etc. Not 90% but 100% as this must not be another gold mine stolen by the Imperial Power and I do not refer to used vehicles.
  4. Durban-Poison, Durban-Poison-ZA is a registered trademark of the #Dagga-Coop. , Transkei-Poison etc ...
  5. SACANEX, The SA Cannabis Exchange or (Dagga-Exchange) HAS THIS RESPONSIBILITY together with the daggastore.com or Dagga-Co-op. Email: 1@sacanex.com   

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