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The House of Poison © Copyright Sir Alfred DUrbans Poison 1835.

Durban Poison ZA® - (Official) Not for Profit. HQ: Durban Poison Estates™ within Durban, KZN. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Mandated by Nelson Mandela. Copyright & Trademarks © 2019 Durban Poison Organization®

Over the last 35 years, we have developed a number of new strains including Durban Honey™ we only use local honey infused Durban Honey™Transkei Poison® the latter being our finest ‘generic’ Durban Poison ZA® Durban Lights® our favorite. We chose the birthplace of President Nelson Mandela as our HQ. Durban Poison Lab.® while our Durban Poison Estates are located about 2 hours North within the boundaries of KZN. KwaZulu-Natal this is the Province or State of our namesake the Port City of Durban. Like any large industrialized city one needs to distance oneself in order to cultivate Original (Official) Poison ZA®

'SA Cannabis Economic Empowerment' Mandated by President Nelson Mandela. See: Ownership.

SACANEX™ The (Official) SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange) Provides the FREE trading of cannabis and related products & services globally & locally. Incorporating the Dagga Store (Under Construction) We are merging the world’s most affordable retail platform the Dagga Store with SACANEX™ The Dagga Store provides retail cannabis and related products for both the leisure and medical market. All listings, sales & our ‘social sharing application’ is 100% FREE.

The Dagga Cloud provides cannabis web services, bespoke email addresses & real time access to update products & pages. Dagga Maps & the Dagga List are FREE mapping services and cannabis databases. These are just a few of the products & services on offer. SACANEX the Dagga Store and the (Official) Durban Poison Group ZA® are engineered to assist your business. Not for profit they do not compete with your business whatsoever. Copyright © SACEED, 'The South African 'Cannabis Economic Empowerment' & Development endeavour’s mandated by President Nelson Mandela.

Our Brands: Durban Lights® and Durban Poison®

Durban Poison® Durban Poison ZA® Cultivated exclusively on the (Official) Durban Estates™ WE ARE CURRENTLY SETTING UP THE DURBAN POISON LAB. IN PORT ST. JOHNS, EASTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA Durban Estates ‘The Estates ZA’ are based in Durban, KZN. South Africa. Durban Poison ZA™ & Durban Poison Estates™ are trademarks in over 30 countries. For Worldwide Distribution Email: Durban & Transkei Poison (ZA)™ Cultivated exclusively on the (Official) Durban Poison Estates™ Port Edward, Durban, KZN. South Africa. Durban Poison ZA™ Durban Poison Estates™ are trademarks in over 30 countries. For Worldwide Distribution Email:

Durban’s Poison, Inc. © Copyright Sir Ben. Alfred DUrban Poison 1835-2019

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Why can South Africa not advertise /use the mark name "Champagne" It is just sparking wine! Furthermore We will obey and cultivate the exact cultivar blend it to the recipe and turen the bottles 1/6 every hour for 2 yers if you klike as we will keep its prestige. in French etc. wants it to be known that we are all duly flattered how you have began to use out famous Sativa marks claiming your product is original was cultivated in Zulu soil.

Human Beings of the world. The past is past its gone. Why do you get upset when the Chinese Billionaires allow fake Nikia, Apple and luxury goods why do you get so upset its a compliment if some Chinaman copies your brand or trademark donot honour your brand and USA and Europe being older than some cotries "Just admit that in the EU in thWest have been or let me say used Africa since the great land grab especially around 1890

However, Durban Poison® & Transkei Poison® ‘The Prince of Sativa® have always been & shall remain the people of South Africa’s Royal Family. Its always been & will remain proudly South African. Cultivated and produced exclusively in the provincial limits of our Port City of Durban. We humbly ask that you cease branding, cultivating, selling instantly. Our loyal customers are confused Durban Poison’® ‘The King of Sativa’® is geographically morally and legally the property of all South Africans. The Official Dagga Co-op. will launch an all-out legal battle as the infringement value currently on the web alone is worth billions. We will seek damages from every company and or individual who has profited from selling fake Poison®. We apologize to our loyal customers and ask you to please report any fake Durban/Poison product! When we receive damages, we will supply you our original Poison® free of charge for 1 year. This is a matter of survival for the poorest people in South Africa. By order of his Royal Highness the King of Sativa. Disobedience shall be met with additional scrolls, then a formal warning, & finally, a private tour of the Pit of Misery. Please send a raven, letter or electronic mail to let us know you agree will this request. Those who honour the Kings wishes soonest will be presented with the opportunity to import our Official & Original ‘Durban Poison® ‘King of Sativa’® Copyright © Durban Poison ZA® the Durban Poison Organization®. A subsidiary of the (Official) Dagga

Our brands Durban Poison (ZA)® Durban Lights® Transkei Poison® Pondo Poison® Transkei Vape® are cultivated is cultivated exclusively by members of the (Official) Dagga Co-op.

The House of Poison © Copyright Sir Alfred DUrbans Poison 1835.

Durban Poison ZA™ & Durban Poison Estates™ are trademarks in over 30 countries. For Worldwide Distribution Email:

This site (www.) is a 'retail' sales channel or platform for those looking for high grade weed or services for personal use.

For B2B or growers wanting to sell direct to big buyers (Once legal) Try the exchange.

Our brands including but not limited to Durban Poison ZA®, Durban Lights®, Transkei Poison® Pondo Poison® & Transkei Vape®

The Durban Poison Organization and Durban Poison Group ZA do not grow, cultivate or produce any products weed related. That I believe is misunderstood. Allow me to explain.

it will be once legal. Its content both buyers and sellers of Durban Poison while the Co-op. gains momentum Any A grade weed was hyper expensive. Due to its legal status or may I say that it is a direct switch to violence & gangs. I went with the SAPS South African Police Services, undercover in certain Cape Town suburbs & Hillbrow, JHB. Forget about the substance as 50% of the time I guess those who are genuinely against weed being legal are not winning they know similar to prohibition

Instead of revenue getting taxed they got physically harmed from weed simply due to the legal aspect making it the domain of criminal/s. Any politician who uses the ban greed banner is doing so for selfish reasons to win votes furthermore I guarantee most of them have no real knowledge about the weeds active ingredients I would guess there is a higher than 40% they have no problem

the majority Cultivated exclusively by members of the (Official) Dagga Co-op. We do not encourage you to sell any cannabis whoever you are as its against the law. However after extensive travel I was amazed how much weed is being traded everywhere. This includes Industrial and medical grades with a high content of CBD's. The largest market unfortunately as it still dominates overeases is not illegal but criminal. I refer to those who enjoy or have never known anything else.

any criminal activity whatsoever

Durban Poison Estates™ have filed and registered trademarks in Japan, South Africa, USA, Entire EU. China, India, AUS. Canada.

This is not to say all of them have been registered. Primarily due to the legal status we have had to register around other classes for example Transkei Poison disgusted the registrar of trademarks. Out of a possible 50 marks never have i witnessed such disgust/emotion from any registrar. Worldwide Distribution Email:

The House of Poison © Copyright Sir Alfred DUrbans Poison 1835.


If you reading this so are others why not begin to prepare for 100% legal cannabis Dvgga worldwide. You do not pay any fees, costs or commissions now or ever. You are welcome to donate any amount if you feel we are serving your requirements/adding value to your business. If you cannot afford to that is the best excuse and we will work extra hard finding you buyers/sellers weed, seeds, medical products & any other ideas for example if you want a free website and free email contact us. DVGGA the official dagga co-op. dagga store, dagga exchange dagga maps, dagga GPS the dagga price all of these endeavors do not compete with your business the co-op would never grow weed or produce cannabis or related products. It will never prostitute your details by letting them get stolen or hacked like some social networks. What about the amount of weed consumed in or over the 12 days of the surfing competition in Jeffreys Bay, South African I believe its soon noly 2-3 months so if you based locally and have your membership equity please provide us with whatever details you feel comfortable with providing visitors with dagga or whatever they looking for. You could even give a gift just to say thank you to the individual for visiting out lovely country. If this were to happen it would receive lots of great reviews! This is how you get famous write about you the quality and the warm welcome into J-Bay! Be smart act now.

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