mAh Alber


Now control all the famous saliva as claimed in an interview we are securing them for all South Africans.

This is our duty and if not then do not complain about not having free houses and swimming lessons as that is not a democracy prior to Eve eating the forbidden fruit. Since that time Adam & Eve where told the same. Work and toil for your bread or green job.

Seriously not only ownership & rights to produce weed and use the marks the cannabis or (Dagga) exchange streamlining the friction process with equity in all the co-ops endeavors plus license to cultivate under trademark law without paying any royalties as each member literally owns their business plus a share of the co-op.

Genuinely licensed cultivars with exclusivity *worldwide these shareholders share value could increase 10000 fold as the marks join other 'legal' designer brands become legal those sellers you can trust will always have a working or email address.

The email does not have to be the company’s primary indeed the opposite is encouraged we are here to assist people to take responsibility and think ‘start a business’ instead of bribing someone to hire you to give you a job and pay you next to nothing.

Guess what the Mahindra deal cost the SA Government? Just to get them to assemble vehicles in SA. If you see the number of low paying jobs ‘created’ not quite I believe everything being 0 the jobs may have cost 3 times more than the government just paying those salaries to holiday markers. warrant stunted our and you think there is any advantage for SA besides a member of parliament looking good creating jobs not quite more like selling SA soul by allowing vehicle concessions possibly in quality components or SABS points but that is how murder begin you get someone to break the law or bend it and before you know it you are dead or a murderer.